Why Change?

Why Change?

Do you have adequate visibility into the level of resources (total $ and FTE) on campus that support the academic mission?

What to Change?

What to Change?

What are you doing to optimize human capital spending and ensure it is appropriately aligned to your strategic goals and priorities?

How to Change?

How to Change?

Does your campus have trusted and reliable decision support tools that help inform the optimal allocation of human capital resources?

Drive Strategic Alignment

Improve Strategic Alignment

  • Improve the quality of discussions and collaboration with senior leadership around the topic of optimal resource allocation across both central and academic units.

  • Provide peer-based evidence for the effective use of funds to support the academic mission.

  • Adequately prepare for significant cost reductions and / or strategic initiatives.

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“The platform allows us to identify the internal trends within our human capital investments and evaluate how these trends support the University’s academic aspirations. It also helps us show our trustees that we are effective stewards of resources.”

Brian Fairhust, Director of Continuous Improvement, Florida State University

Improve the Budgeting Process

  • Help to justify the allocation of centralized spending to academic units as your university moves to or evolves the RCM (Responsible Center Management) budget model.

  • Set appropriate targets for the % of administrative FTE as a % of all FTE in an academic unit based on peer analysis and strategic intent.

  • Proactively monitor resource allocation trends across years to improve overall operating results.

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“Benchmarking our university to others from a financial and operational efficiency perspective has always been nearly impossible to do well, but I think ABC Insights along with their (growing list of) university members is finally on track to crack it. The platform is top notch and more importantly, the data they are collecting, and curating is hugely valuable for decision making.”

Steve Vassallo, Assistant Vice Chancellor – Office of Data Analytics

Evaluate Technology Investments

  • Build the business case for technology investments by revealing the depth or deficit of available resources needed for core administrative activities.

  • Build a data driven business case to support investments for technology to reduce processing costs that can benefit multiple areas of the university.

  • Evaluate the resource savings that were promised as part of significant technology investments.

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“The ABC Insights platform has enabled us to analyze processing costs and help build the case for complex centralized technology investments that will enable us to improve efficiency and improve the quality of service across campus.”

Laurent Heller, Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration, University of Wisconsin

Demonstrate Progress vs. Multi-Year Initiatives

  • Proactively monitor and trend progress against targeted improvement initiatives.

  • Ensure staff resource allocations are aligned to achieve desired outcomes within your strategic plan.

  • Prove to key stakeholders that the human capital investment is properly allocated and aligned to mission and determine (with multi-year trending) if allocations require adjustments.

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“The benchmarking graphs within the ABC Insights platform help build a data driven narrative that helps us convey information to trustees and other stakeholders that we are optimizing the use of funds and aligning the right level of resources to our multi-year strategic plan.”

David Ellis, Associate Vice President Budgeting & Analysis, Miami University of Ohio