The Academic Benchmarking Consortium was created within higher education for higher education tracing its origins to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Membership to the Consortium provides business officers with unprecedented visibility into the labor spending that goes towards the support of their institution’s academic mission. This visibility provides the foundational data to drive the insights needed to improve efficiency and support strategic alignment.

“Membership in the consortium helps university executives create their narrative, align resources and get results.”

Kelli D. Shomaker, CPA, Vice President for Business & Finance and CFO at Auburn University

“The Academic Benchmarking Consortium and my external consultants are complementary and synergistic.  They form an outstanding team in our pursuit of operational excellence.”

Mathew FajackMathew M. Fajack, Vice President for Financial Affairs
 at University of Alabama

Membership Value

Actionable insights are driven from the combination of our three pillars of consortium membership value.

 Membership Differentiation

We are the only Higher Education benchmarking service that:

  • Utilizes a Standard Activity Model (SAM)™ and Standard Organizational Model (SOM)™ that assures a true “apples to apples” interpretation for every member

  • Provides a dedicated Client Services Manager to ensure consistency, university alignment and process integrity

  • Allows members to dynamically view both centralized, decentralized, shared and outsourced spending by over 50 core activities and within their native organization structure

  • Enables the user to analyze both total labor costs and estimated FTE by a dozen analysis factors

  • Allows for multiple level of drill down to see where the spending is occurring including multi-year comparisons