Momentum is Building in the ABC Learning Community

At the 2018 User Summit, 21 Consortium members from 17 universities joined forces to examine and compare new ways to use benchmarking analytics to improve higher education. Attendees shared how they currently use the data and plans for future use cases. Discussions ranged from using data to improve strategic decision-making to the technical aspects of linking ABC to other data sources.

Agreed that their institutions will benefit from their attendance at the Summit.
Felt they will make a greater impact
Increase in feeling comfortable navigating the platform

Sessions that had the most tangible value for attendees and their work

Improving Strategic Decision-Making with Data 87%
Vision and Roadmap to the Future and the User Cases and Breakout Sessions 67%

Respondents enjoyed and appreciated NACUBO’s role in facilitating the discussion on Data-Informed Decisions.

Excellent Presentation – I really liked the Blind Spots framework

Good focus/visibility on important topics – Research, Data Warehouse, …

This was a terrific learning opportunity

The group polling will prove helpful toward future NACUBO initiatives.

The session on Customizing Data and Data Visualization was very well received. Participants were interested to see how one university was using ABC data to fill their data lake, which is then accessed through a custom interface.

Loved the addition of Colorado presenting.  This was really interesting.

Excellent and relevant.  Every member institution needs to integrate data from the ABC platform with multiple databases/systems.

Next Steps

The success of the 2018 User Summit underscores what business officers, HR directors, and other leaders in higher education need to make good decisions in a complex environment.  These include:

ABC is proud to empower leaders in higher education with good data and meaningful insights.

In the coming year we plan to facilitate additional learning opportunities for members. We will bring together small cohorts of peer institutions and other stakeholders as a standalone mini-summit strategy session or combined with a readout.

We look forward to working with you on this effort.